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Nambu is a Mac OS X Twitter client application that has the look & feel of great software: design, usability and processes.

You like the directory view?


Or do you prefer the column view? Note the pick-list for the content of a column, it can even be results from a saved search:


If you have ever set up a group in Tweetdeck, you will appreciate Nambu’s search-field:



Need additional information about a Twitterer? Right at you hands:


Cool use-case for the search-feature:


Why integrate 3rd party services – such as URL shortening or picture tweeting – that you have no control over? Here you can see Nambu’s picture service pic.im


…and more important my beloved tr.im for URL shortening:


Btw: I didn’t manage to log-in to tr.im via Nambu using my Twitter credentials but had to use my tr.im account credentials instead.

Okay, so, integrating these 2 services may look a bit Apple-ish, but if it works in a stress-free manner, I am with it… :)

Another nice feature: URLs received from other tweets…


…and URLs sent:


That could be the first step towards a real link repository.

Final screenshot shows the handling of multiple accounts:


Nambu also supports Growl for notification, as well as other messaging services such as Identi.ca and Laconi.ca.

Nambu also features a number of other features that set it apart from its competitors. You can, for example, translate any tweet into English with a simple keyboard shortcut, and you can easily add users to a group from a very straightforward right-click menu. Nambu can also auto-complete the names of users you follow when you write a new message. For real power-users, Nambu also supports more than one Twitter account, and for URL-shortening, it currently defaults to tr.im, which was developed by the Nambu team.

Of course, Nambu is still in its early beta phase, so you can expect things to break now and then. The development team, however, is issuing updates regularly and development is clearly moving ahead swiftly. There are obviously still some bugs in the application, and the latest update, for example, seems to take up more memory than the previous release.

Nambu also offers an iPhone application, and while it's a decent enough mobile Twitter client, we would recommend other options like Twitfone or Tweetie over Nambu on the iPhone platform.

via: RRW and blog.susuh.de