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Smart Installer Pack incorporates a handful of software usually installed on new computers, reinstalled operating systems, etc.

So, SIP was made just to eliminate all the searching around for nothing, waiting, downloading (which can take up a lot of time) and only then installing.

Now, when you need to install all the applications every computer need - on a fresh Windows installation - all you have to do is download this Smart Installer Pack and click on the preferred icons - you can choose which software to install.

It includes a host of apps like Firefox, Chrome, OpenOffice, Winamp, Skype, Daemon Tools, Picasa, Thunderbird, Adobe Reader and Flash, WinRar, Rocket Dock, CCleaner, and many more. Everything downloads in a single file, so you won't be cluttering up your drive with a bunch of separate installers.

There is a little draw-back: the installers are interactive, not silent, so you'll have to click through manually.