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firefox logoMozilla is all set to release the next version of Firefox codename “Namoroka”. The new version of Firefox will be initially set to 3.6 but rumors has it that it will stay in its beta stage. The project may also be referred to as “Firefox.next”. Namoroka is expected to be based on Gecko 1.9.2, with an intended release target of early-to-mid 2010.

Mozilla also aims to allow users to organize their tabs, history, downloaded files, and other resources according to the task they were attempting to accomplish. Provide support for executing common web-based tasks, mash-up style, without having to visit a website. They will also provide tools to web developers that are required to create rich application experiences for a user who is connected or disconnected from the Internet. Act as the intermediary between web applications and the user’s OS desktop.

Mozilla Namoroka