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photobucketYou work at a big corporate and you're not allowed to use Twitter? Well, are you allowed to use Excel? I ask this because there's a Twitter tool that hides the Twitter stream in a faxe Excel window.

Spreadtweet is yet another Twitter client built on Adobe Air, but obviously there's a bit of a twist - it camouflages your stream as a Microsoft Excel workbook. Three skins are available to ensure it blends in on your system: 2003, 2007, and OSX. No avatars are displayed. There's no TwitPic or URL shortening support. Everything is displayed in boring old plain text, so you'll have to copy and paste links you want to browse.

Also the author says that:

Plus if I go to jail, you'll bring me cookies and beer.

You have been warned! :))

[via downloadsquad]