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Glassy Buttons is a great online button generator. Why so great? Well, because you can customize every aspect of the button: starting with button and text color, rollover text and background colors, you can specify your own images or custom font and so on.

After you finish building your button, you can download a zip file containing all the images and a "readme.txt" file where you will find all the attributes of your new button. For instance, this is the content of my custom glassy button readme.txt:
button text: WebUpd8
primary color: 339900
gradient color: 00cc33
width (pixels): 100
height (pixels): 24
corner radius (pixels): 15
text height (points): 12
text color: ffffff
background color: white
font name: Helmet bold-ital
rollover primary color: 33cc99
rollover gradient color: 6666ff
rollover text color: 000000
quality: 4
image location: none
image height (pixels): 12
image name:
image foreground color determination: auto
image foreground color: 000000
image transparent color determination: auto
image transparent color: ffffff
url: http://www.glassybuttons.com/buttonmill/glassy.php?button_text=WebUpd8&color=339900&grcolor=00cc33&width=100&height=24&radius=15&theight=12&tcolor=ffffff&bkcolor=white&fname=Helmet+bold-ital&rcolor=33cc99&rgrcolor=6666ff&rtcolor=000000&imglocate=none&imgheight=12&imgname=&imgfore=auto&imgforecolor=000000&imgtran=auto&imgtrancolor=ffffff&quality=4&fromhere=1