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Feedcat is a free Feedburner alternative that well, kind of looks like Feedburner. It redirects your feed to a new address which is then used to count the number of your feed subscribers and you also get some options to spice up your feed. But I guess you already know what FeedBurner does and well, Feedcat is almost the same with a little tiny difference (read on). You also get a feed count icon to show off on your blog, the same as Feedburner. By using Feedcat, you get an feed address that looks like this: http://feed.feedcat.net/sample_web.

FEEDCAT promotes your feed content, measures audiences and saving load of your server resources!

Here are some screenshots:

Why Feedcat may be better than Feedburner

Feedcat includes a feed directory where your feed is listed based on some tags you provide upon registration. You can also specify the update frequency at which Feedcat checks your blog for new content and you can choose from 7 different themes for displaying your feed.

Yeah, it looks like a Feedburner copy and doesn't have as much options but it does have one advantage over Feedburner: it works (does what it's supposed to: deliver feed content on time and show feed subscribers count).