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Yahoo! Geocities is closing down and webmasters hosting sites on Geocities need to find an alternate free hosting solution soon to move their websites. Dreamhost is offering Geocities users 2 years of free web hosting!


What is the deal? Free 2 years unlimited hosting. Free domain name!

What is required? They need to verify you are an existing GeoCities customer. So you need to login to Geocities and create a new web page or edit an existing page and post the text “I’m off to DreamHost!” on it. Since new users cannot sign up to Geocities, only existing users can do that.

What is the promo code ? When signing up for Dreamhost, put the full url to that web page you created with the notice as the promo code and you’ll get a 2 year plan (which would otherwise cost $214.80) totally free!

I just tried this for myself and it worked!