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photobucketFile2.ws is a free service that can convert any file into a web page (up to 15 mb).

Supports a multitude of formats including:

* pictures and photos (jpeg, gif, png, svg ...)
* audio files (mp3, ogg ...)
* documents (doc, pdf, odt, txt, rtf ...)
* programming code (java, php, cpp ...)
* web documents (html, htm ...)
* compressed archives (zip, rar ...)
* Video

and many others.

This is a file hosting service that requires no registration and no software to install.

File2.ws promises unlimited bandwidth, even multiple fast download without limits, provides direct links to download and avoids the use of annoying CAPTCHA.

Personally I find it very comfortable especially with pictures and documents because you can assign to them a real specific web page to share with a link.

[via feedmyapp]