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photobucketPixelpipe, the multi-service file uploader and metadata management tool, has a new experimental Firefox extension out that should delight its regular users. It adds a sidebar to your browser where you can simply drag and drop digital media from your hard drive or things you find on the Web to upload directly to your Pixelpipe account.

Once you've picked all the items you want to upload, you hit a single button and it sends it off to Pixelpipe, which will instantly distribute it to all the services you have turned on by default. These can't be edited right from the sidebar, but there's a quick shortcut button that will take you to your settings page where you can turn certain services on or off.

You can also pick the privacy level of the upload to Pixelpipe itself, which can limit who is able to see what you've uploaded based on your relationship with them.

If you're a heavy Pixelpipe user this is definitely worth a download. I only hope that in future versions it will let you toggle the services you want on and off from the sidebar itself, and without the user having to visit the site. I'd also like to see it add a little microblogging tool like it has on the site, so you could use it to send out a short message or blog post to multiple services.