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What is Disqus Social Media Comments

Social Media Comments are like trackbacks: they’re a great way to find who’s talking about a blog post, but you’ll still need to leave the blog in order to reply. If you Tweet about a post, or talk about it on a wide range of social services, from Digg and Twitter to FriendFeed and beyond, we’ll find those comments and add them to the comment section as “social media comments”. The feature was made possible thanks to two partners: Disqus and UberVU and has been available only for Mashable for the past month.

Who can use Disqus Social Media Comments

If you use Disqus to manage comments on your blog, simply head to the “Admin and Settings” page on Disqus.com and enable “Social Media Reactions”. Note that Disqus are still populating these today, so the reactions will not turn up in your comments right away - nonetheless, enabling this will make sure you get the feature as soon as it’s fully enabled.

If you’re a blogger, you probably understand why social media comments are so appealing: your posts are being shared extensively on social media sites, making it hard to see all the discussions in one place. This is the problem we ran into, and the reason we approached Disqus about pushing ahead with Social Media Comments.

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