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Flickr Link Original ImagesYou need to click several times on the photo hosting website Flickr if you want to open a full sized photo from a page that is only displaying the thumbnail image of it. The same is true for websites where Flickr thumbnails or images are embedded on. Users who like to open full sized versions of those thumbnail images can now use a Greasemonkey script with the name Flickr Link Original Images for the Firefox web browser or other compatible web browsers that allows them to open full size images of Flickr photos directly from their thumbnails.

The script will display a small ORG overlay in the upper left corner of each thumbnail which is the clickable direct link to the full image on Flickr. This does not work on all thumbnails but on most. Not working thumbnails are for example those where the uploaders prohibited direct links.

A click on the ORG overlay will open the image in full size in a new tab in the web browser. Users might want to edit the allowed websites and pages of the userscript to add websites that they visit regularly where Flickr thumbnails get posted. The author of the script did include a handful of sites including Flickr obviously.

Surprisingly though not all Flickr pages are included in the website list. You might want to add an entry like http://*.flickr.com/* to the list of allowed sites to include all pages on Flickr.

[via ghacks]