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photobucketAuto-following is a sensitive topic on Twitter, and the release of TwitterMass is surely going to create some controversy, as it takes auto-following to the next level. TwitterMass is a clever tool that automates what many Twitter users are already doing: finding new Twitter users to follow by searching for keywords and then following the most interesting of these users. One twist here, however, is that TwitterMass also automatically unfollows users who don't follow you back within a few days. The point of this, of course, is to create a larger network of followers, which, because it is built on top of keyword and hashtag searches, should, at least in theory, be built on mutual interests.

How it works

You simply set up a keyword search and TwitterMass will automatically follow every user who uses this keyword.

The twist here is that you can also set a 'timer.' After a set number of days, TwitterMass will check if those users it added followed you back, and if they didn't, then TwitterMass will automatically unfollow them.

[via rww]