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Each and every software you use may have an alternative, but how do you find the best alternative for the software you are using? By Googling for the alternatives or by asking friends to give you some suggestions.

If you have used any of the above mentioned methods to find alternatives for popular softwares, you should definitely give a try to a new service called AlternativeTo, which suggests alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux based systems.

To find alternatives for softwares, head to AlternativeTo and search for the software, you should see a listing of software that matches your search results.


Once you find the software in the search results, click on the “Find alternatives to Software Name” link, to find the alternatives for the software.


Clicking on the link should display a list of software, that are similar to the one you are searching, the list may contain , Open Source as well as commercial software.

Definitely useful if you want to save time while looking for software alternatives.

AlternativeTo via techie-buzz.com