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alexa redesign

Alexa, the free web traffic metrics service has been redesigned. The service also provides more information: now we can see the bounce rate, the average time each visitor spends on the website and pageviews per user.

When we took a good look at the Alexa feature roadmap we realized that we needed to change. We needed to be more flexible and we needed to embrace some new technologies. So we decided to start from scratch, built a new version of the site with new technology, and along the way we took a fresh look at just about everything.

Here are the major changes:

The old search engine was ditched in favor of a site finder. Now when you type in a search term you get a list of sites that have content on that topic. This way it is easier to find the site you are looking for and go immediately to the Alexa site info, rankings and other information that you are looking for.

The tabs at the top of the site have been reworked and the navigation throughout to be more consistent. Clicking on the title of a website will take you to a site info page. Clicking on a website address will take you directly to that address. And more… Alexa features should be easier to find and easier to use.

Three new types of traffic history graph were added: Pageviews per User, Bounce Rate, and Time on Site. These particular pieces of data have been repeatedly requested by marketers and investors who need to know more about the quality of traffic to sites… are the visitors to the site engaged? Is the site improving?