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windows mouse gesturesHigh Sign is an open-source Windows application that allows you to record mouse gestures in order to perform different tasks. Unlike some other mouse gesture recognition software, you are not limited to a set of predefined gestures; you are free to create any gesture you can think up. The original idea for High Sign was to be a complete StrokeIt alternative, but since High Sign's birth, the vision has changed dramatically for it to become so much more. The gesture recognition engine was written from scratch and designed to focus on maximum recognition accuracy with a minimum sample set.

Once you’ve recorded a gesture you can assign an action to it. This includes minimizing/maximizing a window, switching between apps, running a program or command, and simulating a hotkey combination or keystrokes. With these options you should be able to do just about anything you want, and you can even restrict a gesture to a particular application.

To start using High Sign you’ll want to exit out of Training Mode by right-clicking on the System Tray icon, and then just hold down the right mouse button to start drawing.