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Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer announced a while ago that the Redmond software company would release to the market the Windows Mobile 7 operating system sometime next year, probably in the second quarter, and we also know that the platform is supposed to be something totally different from what we've seen up until now with previous versions.

And while at this time the upcoming operating system should only be in its early stages of development, it seems that some screenshots that supposedly represent the interface of said platform have recently emerged into the wild with WMPowerUser.

Here are the 2 Windows Mobile 7 screenshots (which aren't genuine for sure):

windows mobile 7 screenshot

windows mobile 7

From the photos you can tell that the icons have a cover-flow layout and look like iPhone icons. One thing that is revolutionary though, at least in MS standards, is the lack of the Start button. I do not think it is necessary but it has always been integral part of GUI in all WM releases.