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Whos.amung.us, the innovative web stats services which is currently serving 60.12 billion widgets released a pro version of their widget only available for beta testers for now.

The new widget (if "Refresh widget count / Continually check if user is online" option is checked) doesn't needs the page to be refreshed in order for the widget to update itself. Also, besides the original image widget, now the number of online users can be displayed using text only or invisible:

whos amung us pro

Also, you can now customize the look of your dashboard, and among the old online users, which pages they currently read and the map, now you can see the number of page views and unique views on a given timeline and where they come from (links, direct or which search engine):

whos amung us pro dashboard

The new dashboard also supports themes and you can select from 2 pre-made themes or design your own, in which you can customize on-site: The header (use a logo for your website for example), custom CSS and can change every color in the dashboard:

whos amung us


Among other improvements: the ability to make stats private, ignore visits from current computer and the number of pins on the map:

whos amung us text

While it is still in the beta version and there are bugs, this looks like a great improvement and it really has potential!
You can check out my dashboard here (it's public).