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Visiarc has developped a new way of managing your email, attachments and stuff dirtectly on their server using your mobile phone and if you watch this video you'll see that the data transfer speed it's quite impressive.

We do not mean saying goodbye to your laptop just yet. It is not about replacement. We just want to enable you to leave your laptop behind more comfortably and still get things done efficiently through making sure you have access to the stuff and services you need the most. For content creation and in the office, continue using your pc.

Mobile mail enables working at any place, any time. But laptops are heavy, bulky, has to be booted and taken online. A mobile phone is light, always at hand, always on and always online. What if the mobile experience was close to par with the one on the desktop, then laptop hauling would end, airport security control be less cumbersome, responses quicker etc.

MOBILE DOCUMENTS™ offers that. Based on a unique and proprietary technology platform, mobile services can rapidly be developed and launched. The first service is the mobile documents, now in private beta, with its unique cloud based approach bringing the desktop experience closer to the mobile device. The first service is a new breed of push mail that redefines mobile mail.

Here is a little demo of what future mobile documents attachements may come.

Visiarc's "Mobile Documents" for S60 - exclusive from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.