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Picasa Web Album now lets you upload by email which is great for backing up the photos from your mobile phone when on a trip for example. The emails are limited to 20 mb in size, but you can send an unlimited number of photos (in that mb limit).

Uploading photos by email is particularly useful for mobile phones and devices with integrated cameras and email or MMS capabilities.

To enable email upload setting, login to your Web Albums account, Settings > scroll to Upload Photos by Email and check the Allow me to upload photos by email box, then type a secret word. The email to which you can then send emails is username.secretword@picasaweb.com (replace with your username and secret word you just typed in). Also, the subject of the email you send will be the album the pictures are uploaded into and emails sent without a subject go to your default drop box.

Don’t share your secret Picasa Web Album address, for security reasons, keep it private!

[via makeuseof]