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online playlistPlaylist.io (powered by Drop.io) allows you to upload music and build your own playlists with them. If this sounds familiar, it should: the service brings back memories of Muxtape, a service that also allowed you to use your own tunes to make your own playlists.

Playlist.io doesn't require an account to use and gives you 102mb of space to upload audio files into a playlist that you can play or redownload from anywhere.

You can customize the look of your playlist, subscribe to it in RSS and by using Dropcast, you can subscribe to your playlist as a podcast in iTunes. Also, you can add a password if you want to lock your playlist down, or set an expiration date if you want your playlist to expire after a certain amount of time.

Please note that if you don't use a playlist for a whole year, Playlist.io reclaims that space and removes your files from their servers.