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Thomson, worldwide leader of services to the content creators, introduced mp3HD, the latest addition to the mp3 family. The new technology offers mathematically lossless compression of audio.

Another advantage of the mp3HD format is that it is backward compatible. That means if you have an MP3 player it will still be able to play the MP3 portion of the file. New mp3HD compatible players would then be able to access the higher quality offered by the mp3HD standard.

Free mp3HD utilities are now being offered by Thomson for download at websites including www.all4mp3.com or www.mp3HD.com. The utilities include a command line encoder to create content and a Winamp plug-in for playback. The evaluation encoder enables the creation of mp3HD files out of stereo material in wav form at 16 bit precision and 44.1Khz. It is available for both Linux and Windows platforms. The mp3HD Winamp plug-in for Windows is capable playing back the lossless files as a bit-exact replica of the original. Previously, the mp3HD would have been impractical due to the increased size of the audio files, but the increase in file storage and broadband access has made the new lossless compression standard accessible to the general public. A mp3HD song of 4 minutes will have aprox. 26MB in size.