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megaupload skip time-limitMegaupload is a file hosting service where many people host files and share the links (like rapidshare).

Most file hosting websites use captchas and time limits for non-premium users. The add-on MU Bundle for the web browser Firefox gets rid of the time limit at the Megaupload website. It will also initiate the download of the file automatically without user input. The process in its entirety looks like the following: The user opens a page on the Megaupload website that will initiate a file download. A captcha is displayed which has to be completed to process. Everything after this step becomes automatic thanks to the Firefox add-on. Please note that this addon is experimental and you will need to create an account on Firefox Addons to be able to install it.

You can also auto-fill captchas with a Greasemonkey user script called Megaupload auto-fill captcha.