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If you're a web designer or just a blogger, you may be wondering how your website would look like on IE 4 or 5 (amazingly people still use that), or maybe how it would look on Firefox 2/3 on Ubuntu, Firefox or Safari native on MacOSX and so on. With Browsershots you can see how your website looks in most browsers / operating systems, for free. All you have to do is enter your address, select the browsers you would like to see your website in, and Browsershots.org will take screenshots and show them to you.

Browsershots can take screenshots from Windows, Linux, MacOSX and BSD using almost every existing browser version and you can take up 100 different OS/browser combination screenshots. You can also select if you want the browsers who support flash/javascript/java or not and what color depth the screenshots should have.

How it works:

When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server here.

This is a great and indispensable utility for web designers.