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Nokia 6710 Navigator is the new upcoming device in Nokia's Navigator series. It comes with the latest version of Nokia Maps application (v3.0) which provides the user a cool 3D view of the maps. Besides, it also has an actual compass (not just a compass application like most of the devices do) which works along with this last version of Maps on Ovi (Nokia Maps 3.0 ).
The zooming experience it's really cool since this device has a new and exciting touch sensitive zone on the front of the device so you can just move your finger over that surface to zoom in or out. Also a lot of the user interface elements have been improved to offer the user the best experience in driving and pedestrian navigation.

It also has a 240x320 pxls resolution screen which has been optimized for outdoor usage which means that if you are outside on a sunny day, the screen will automaticaly adjust its contrast in order to offer you the best experience.

The internet connectivity is made through GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA and WiFi and of course it supports 3G network for video calling.
In addition to the great navigation experience and mapping options, the new Nokia 6710 Navigator offers a slightly diffrent curved shape in order to match the user's face. The device has a 5 MP(Carl Zeiss Optics technology) with 2 LED Flash camera, it runs on S60v3 Feature Pack 2 (FP2) operating system and it comes with a 2 GB memory card.
Also, if you get bored of navigating, you can pull on the right side of the road and listen to your favourite MP3s or search for a radio station nearby and enjoy the music flow. For that matter, you have a MP3 player and a built-in radio FM both supplied with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

This device is expected to come on the market on the 3rd quarter of this year and the estimated price is around 300 Euros.

For a preview on the actual device, take a look at the video below.:)

This is a quick demo on this phone from MWC 2009. Enjoy!