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rhythmbox 0.12.0 screenshotRhythmBox is music management and playback software, inspired by Apple's iTunes.

New in version 0.12.0:

* Replaced gnome-vfs with GIO
* New CD burning plugin using Brasero
* Improvements to the cross-fading player backend
* Various improvements to MTP device support
* Updated audio CD metadata code, supporting CD-Text and musicbrainz3
* User data and cached files moved to XDG base directory spec locations
* Much clearer indication of problems with last.fm login and streaming
* Where possible, provide a simple means to duplicate audio CDs
* Greatly improved performance when accessibility is enabled
* Updated Coherence UPnP plugin
* iPod improvements: avoid creating duplicates, add a device properties dialog, initialize brand new ipods
* Support for more last.fm stream types
* GTK+ and GLib usage cleanups: use single header includes, stop using deprecated functions and widgets
* Reworked tray icon tooltip using GtkTooltip instead of SexyTooltip
* Random play order should repeat itself far less often
* If using pulseaudio, control the output volume using the PA stream volume
* Reworked search infrastructure that might make interesting things possible

Download Rhythmbox 0.12.0 for Ubuntu.