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New Real Time Homepage from FacebookFacebook is making a lot of announcements today and the biggest one is the renovation of the News Feeds which you can see right after you login. In a week, this feed will be real-time, not updated every 10-15 minutes as is right now, says the comapany. The new homepage will put the news feed front and will also have a filtering feature as well as a sidebar that highlights the most popular topics and links that are being discussed and shared among your friends. The Facebook News Feed now includes the ability to "like" or comment, and making it live is a big step to more content sharing than before. It sounds to me they like Twitter :) and try to make people stay logged in all the time, not just check periodically. Another Twitter-like new feature is that Facebook has lifted the 5,000 friend limit now, so you can follow as many people as you like. No wonder they tried to buy Twitter.

Other changes include the overhauling of it's Pages system, to make them like the profiles with status updates from the page owner. Users who will take advantage of this new feature will include U2, CNN, and Michael Phelps. Other Pages users will be able to migrate to the new style through next week.

Edit: and now we have some screenshots too, courtesy of Businessinsider:

new facebook homepage

new facebook

new facebook userpage