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pyshaperpyshaper lets you set bandwidth minimum and maximum limits on several criteria:
* remote host/port, and local host/port (most shaper apps have this)
* pid of locally connected program
* username under which local program is running
* command line and arguments under which local program was launched
* country in which remmote peer resides

Or, you can set individual inbound and/or outbound limits based on specific countries (or all countries other than your own).

To install it, first, you need the requirements for the package you can get from the repos.

sudo apt-get install python-geoip python-tk tk8.5 python-pmw tcpdump
Now, go install the file. Grab the file from the download link, extract it, and then install it by executing this in the same directory:

sudo make install
Now the tricky part. There's a requirement not mentioned, and that's also by the same author.


First, you need to get it's base library. The reason we're grabbing 0.6 version is because the ezsqlobject library breaks with anything higher (they removed a feature in higher releases called DBMConnection)

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install SQLObject==0.6
This grabs easy_install, like PEAR but for python. In other words, it's a repository for python scripts and libraries specifically.

credits: ubuntuforums.org