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lounge twitterThe world of Twitter clients is really wide, with TweetDeck leading the pack. But there is always room for one more, especially for an application such as Lounge - which comes in a double pack: for both Mac OS X and iPhone.

Mac Lounge is the name of the version for Mac OS X, and brings us everything we need for a Twitter client, such as lists (which can be separated and rearranged) of tweets from friends, the public, the replies and something called "Vanity," which shows you all tweets that mention your name.

iPhone Lounge is a Twitter client for iPhone, and offers the same features as the desktop version, but also allows us to search on the microblogging service. And you can tweet from multiple accounts, a feature that is always useful.

Lounge Mac is currently in beta testing and is free while still in beta. When the application will come out of beta, users will have to pay a fee but the price is unknown for now. iPhone Lounge, however, can be downloaded from iTunes in exchange of $ 1.99.

More info: Mac Lounge
Download: iPhone Lounge