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mobile browsing stats"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance," Steve Ballmer told USA Today a few years ago.

According to a detailed look at mobile browsing of Web metrics firm Net Applications, iPhone has 66.61% of the share.

"Although the iPhone has a commanding lead in mobile browsing share, Android and BlackBerry are rapidly gaining market share. This does not mean that iPhone Web browsing is shrinking, because the overall market is growing rapidly".

But there is one problem with this report: BlackBerry only has a 2.24% market share which is quite strange given the fact that recently it has been reported that there are more BlackBerry's out therethan there are iPhones. The reason for that is that "Net Applications is judging the race for mobile Web dominance using the rules set by the iPhone", said Philip Elmer-DeWitt. That means wap browsers do not get tracked, which leaves a lot of mobile phones out of this stats.