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apple conference iphoneWe'll be editing this post and write what happens on the iPhone 3.0 release press conference happening right now. Refresh the page to see what's new!

Apple presented some stats:

* There are now more than 25,000 iPhone apps in the iTunes Store.
* iPhone apps have been downloaded 800 million times.
* 96 percent of all apps are approved
* The developer SDK has been downloaded 800,000 times
* 50,000 companies have joined the program
* 13.7 million iPhones were sold in 2008

Until now:

New APIs for talking to hardware
Push/notification service running on third-party servers
New APIs for voice chat, mail, etc
In testing, standby times dropped by 80 percent with background processing.
Meebo will have a native version for iPhone, which means it be a part of the basic iPhone 3.0 software and you don't have to download it from the appstore. Meebo is using the push notification in its IM app.
Automatic discovery, all over Bluetooth (not via Wi-Fi), and there's no pairing—completely seamless. Works for peer-to-peer apps too, not just games.
Cut, copy and paste is here!
Shake to undo/redo.
Landscape support is coming to all default applications.
SMS app is getting the ability to forward messages.
MMS support!
A new application: Voice Memos which can record voice clips, trim and share.
Calendar is getting CalDav: the sharing protocol used by Google Calendar and a number of other online calendar services.
Search to all key applications: you can search your inbox! Search From, To, Subject, and All. Also to calendar, iPod Lybrary and notes. New Home screen called Spotlight. It's to the left of the original home screen, with a little magnifying glass icon, where you can search everything. Apps can be launched directly from search.
Other features which they don't give much details: Notes Sync, Parental Controls, Auto Fill, anti phishing, stereo bluetooth, Youtube Accounts, Shake to Shuff.
iPhone beta developer program available for everyone who joins in while in beta (even now).
iPhone 3.0 will be a great customer release when available: "this summer." Free to all iPhone 3G customers.