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This tricks will work for people using the wordpress.com stats plugin on a self-hosted blog and also for wordpress.com blogs.

1. You can see exact stats for today but how about having all the stats displayed for any other given day, say for 13 july 2008. You can do that by adding &day=2008-07-13 at the end of the wordpress dashboard stats link, for instance using: http://icehot.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=stats&day=2008-07-13 we get:


2. Using http://stats.wordpress.com/csv.php. You will find documentation on that same page but in case you don't understand, I'll explain. Let's say you want to get top referrers for the past 30 days (you do not have access to these stats in your dasboard), then you would enter this in your browser:
Replace http://myblog.com/ with your blog's address and api with your blog's api key which you can find on wordpress.com (yes, even if you have a self-hosted wordpress blog) dashboard, by clicking on your name in the upper right corner:


and on your profile page you will find the api key:


Then, the referrer stats for the last 30 days will look like this:


Where the number after the links is the number of visits from that referrer.

You can modify the &days=30 parameter with the number of days you want to see the stats for. Also, you can see other stats by replacing &table=referrers with &table= :
  • views
  • postviews
  • searchterms
  • clicks

Anyway, you can play with the parameters and values for which you can find instructions on http://stats.wordpress.com/csv.php