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gscrot shutterGScrot has been re-launched with new features and a less anatomical name: Shutter :)

In case you don't know Shutter (from now on) is a screenshot application for Linux which can take screenshots of a specific area, a whole website, a windows or the whole screen and then apply different effects and then upload it to an image hosting website. There's also a censor tool to quickly obscure private information like email addresses from your images.

Major updates in Shutter 0.70 printing support, support for a whole lot of formats to save pictures in, support for watching changes to files (open the screenshot externally in Gimp, save it - and shutter updates its copy), integration with GVFS (you can upload sites that you’ve connected to via Places > Connect), better recognition for programs that can open a picture, faster thumbnail creation, and improved dialogs!

If you use Ubuntu, you can add Shutter repositories or download .deb files; there are also packages for archLinux, Fedora or Mandriva:

Download & repositories.