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eric schmidt google CEOHere is what Google (GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt had to say about Twitter:

"Speaking as a computer scientist, I view all of these as sort of poor man's email systems," he said this afternoon at Morgan Stanley's technology conference. Sounds to me he doesn't like competition and the fact that Twitter's new real-time search could be a threat to Google's dominance.

"In other words, they have aspects of an email system, but they don't have a full offering. To me, the question about companies like Twitter is: Do they fundamentally evolve as sort of a note phenomenon, or do they fundamentally evolve to have storage, revocation, identity, and all the other aspects that traditional email systems have? Or do email systems themselves broaden what they do to take on some of that characteristic?

I think the innovation is great. In Google's case, we have a very successful instant messaging product, and that's what most people end up using.

Twitter's success is wonderful, and I think it shows you that there are many, many new ways to reach and communicate, especially if you are willing to do so publicly."

He also commented about Google's new Twitter account: "go ahead and listen to our ruminations as to where we are and what we're doing in 160 characters or less."

[Credits: money.cnn.com]