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Facebook has recently updated its homepage layout and according to a recent poll, almost everybody hates it.

The new Facebook page doesn't look anything like a social network anymore, and a lot of spam like: random stories, notes and links are being published by friends and unfortunately there is no way to control this. Also, the new changes in the UI such as deeper fonts, a three-column layout and rounded profile pictures just contribute more to the ugliness of this new layout.

While we can not completely help get back to the previous version of Facebook, we still have a couple of hacks for you to get the old style two-column layout on the homepage, along with the full square-shaped profile images.

All you need do is install the following two userscripts in Firefox / Opera:

Greasemonkey addon for Firefox is essentially required to run these userscripts. Once installed, these scripts will give you an almost old Facebook Homepage layout feel.

Unfortunately it does not get any closer than this. Here is how your Facebook will look like after installing the two userscripts:


Credits: sizlopedia