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MaxMem memory cleanerHave you ever noticed how your computer always seems to run better after rebooting, your browser opens faster and pages appear to load a little faster? Do you wish it could be that peppy all day? Well, now it can be with a little help from AnalogX MaxMem! AnalogX MaxMem is a realtime physical memory management program for Windows which can be downloaded for free that automatically ensures that you always have as much physical memory (RAM) available as possible. It does this by allowing you to set minimum amounts of memory to be made available under certain circumstances, and then passively monitoring how much system resources are being used. It runs in the system tray, and also shows you exactly how much memory you have available, plus graphs how you've been using memory over the last 60 seconds!

You can also configure how cleaning your RAM will work (Minimum, Periodic, Aggressive). Give it a try.