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Facebook.com admitted on a blog post today that over the weekend, a hard drive failure led to the temporary loss of 10% to 15% of its users stored photographs.

According to the company, several drives failed at once during a routine upgrade Friday night.

"You may have noticed in the past day that some photos aren't appearing or are displaying a 'question mark' graphic when you go to view them. We're trying to fully understand what happened, since simultaneous hardware failures like this are rare," Evan Priestley, a Facebook engineer, stated in his blog.

Facebook is restoring photos as it repairs the hard drives, so some of those drives will likely be working again today. The social network site should be back to normal by early next week, it said.

"New photo uploads will continue to work properly during the repairs, because we write them to different storage volumes. Thanks for bearing with us while we return things to normal," Priestley said.

[credits: computerworld.com]