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EU filesharingDespite the fact that individual countries in the European Union - France, especially - are trying to implement extreme measures against piracy, such as kicking file sharers off the Internet after three warnings, the European Union itself has spoken against such measures on several occasions.

This time, the European Parliament has voted in favor of a report from Greek MEP Stavros Lambrinidis, which speaks about security and fundamental freedoms on the Internet.

The thing about the Internet is this: it’s essential. You can’t just take away net access from people based on the recommendations of private corporations. As the report states, having access to the Internet is “equivalent to ensuring that all citizens have access to schooling,” and this access should not be denied by governments or private companies. Yes, piracy is a problem. But solving the problem by denying offenders the right to ever use Internet again is extreme at the very least.

There’s another interesting tidbit of info in the report, which can be tied to Facebook’s recent change of terms of service (and the subsequent withdrawal of the changes). The report stresses the importance of users having the right to permanently delete any of their personal details saved on “Internet websites or on any third party data storage medium.” That means that Facebook or any other company should take great care to make sure their users are in control of their data, otherwise they might run into problems with the EU.

via mashable