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RecordMyDesktop is a program that captures audio and video from your desktop (Linux) which you can use to record you screen either just a portion of it or full-screen.

The latest version in Ubuntu is but RecordMyDesktop already reached version so if you want to upgrade it, you can download the Ubuntu .deb files from here. To build it from source, just follow this link.

Here are the changes:

* Fixed a bug that caused compilation to fail on some platforms,
due to missing headers. * Minor code refactoring to assist
maintainability and portability of the program.
/*Version 0.3.8*/
* Extensive refactoring and cleanups of the code from Martin Nordholts.
* Cursor-flickering bug has been fixed, by Martin.
* Improved consistency on the format of the commandline options
and updated the manpage to reflect the changes (also by Martin ;) ).
* Applied patch by Luca Bonavita, that corrects the rgb
to yuv algorithm and provides near perfect colorspace conversion
(fixes bug #1961505)
* Compositing Window managers are now recognised through the _NET_WM_CM_Sn
hint instead of a simplistic namelist (which means that dual-mode wm's
like kwin or yet uknown ones will be handled correctly).
* Changed the way Jack support is offered, from dlopening at runtime to
normal linking at compilation.
* other minor changes and bugfixes.

Changelog Gtk-RecordMyDesktop:

/*VERSION 0.3.8*/
* nl.po added Dutch translation by Jos Poortvliet
* Applied patch by freedo, to Replace GtkFileSelection with
* Synced to recordMyDesktop 0.3.8 (new format of options).