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new disqusDisqus has made changes to the interface and performance of their commenting system. The update is automatic except for the wordpress plugin, which you will have to redownload.

The comment system was rewritten to render quicker and more reliably across all browsers. The Disqus team made some tests and this is what they say it was the test results:

  • Internet Explorer is up to 5x faster
  • FireFox is up to 3x faster
  • Webkit (Safari and Chrome), and Opera is up to 2x faster

These results are only some of the advantages of the improvements.

Interface changes:

  • Voting arrows has been replaced with “Like.” You can now “Like” comments, giving the commenter a positive reputation point on Disqus and helping other readers discover great comments.
  • The More Menu is a new addition that brings up numerous options, such as reblogging. Moderators will find all the admin controls there as well, including removing comments and blocking options.
  • The Media Menu is where you will find the video comments toggle if you have this enabled. As we release more media functionality, they will be found here.
You can of course test the new Disqus right here, On Web Upd8.