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Previously we had written about a dock application for Windows - Sliderdock and here is another amazing dock application which looks very similar to Mac OSX dock. XWindows is the newest free Windows Vista and XP program of the class Application Launcher and Desktop Organizer (Dock Taskbar). It even works great with Windows 7. XWindows gives better UI experience than most of the other dock applications for Windows. It allows you to view the docs as 2D or 3D and also has the option to add new skins.
XWindows option panel has lots of customizations like size of icons, opacity, positions etc. XWindows Dock does not require a lot of resources and its optimized for memory usage.

xwindows features

Features of XWindows:

  • Opacity and blur of reflections.
  • Preview of video and images
  • Panel opacity, hiding and showing time
  • Option to show dock on mouseover.
  • Space between panel and screen border.
  • Use or create your own skins for 2D or 3D dock.
  • Two options for what to do when an icon is dragged out of the dock: create shortcut or removal.
  • Shows indicators of running applications.
  • New skin format, now a skin can be created even without specifying some PNG files.
And many others.

via nirmaltv.com