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Some people use Twitter to do nothing but post updates from their web site. Others use it to chat with friends. There’s nothing wrong with using it for different reasons. It’s sometimes difficult to tell what kind of user someone is, though. There’s a group of people who have developed Twitalyzer to help us figure out who is who - and what they’re doing.

The Twitalyzer is a unique tool to evaluate activity for any Twitter user, built by Web Analytics Demystified that sits on top of Twitter. There are a variety of uses for the Twitalyzer, but most people use it to track their use of Twitter over time, benchmarking themselves against other Twitter users, and helping to determine which social media strategies are working (and which are not.)

Here's what is says about us:

@webupd8's most recent influence in Twitter was rated as obvious based on a calculated score of 29.2 out of 100 which has been increasing (394.9%) since the previous analysis.

@webupd8's average influence in Twitter is obvious based on a calculated score of 29.2 out of 100 calculated over 1 analyses. Based on this average score, we estimate that @webupd8's influence is currently ranked #579 out of 29,808 Twitter users tracked by this system


Have you checked out your own statistics? Are you influential on Twitter? How much clout do you have on Twitter amongst your followers, and all of Twitter-land? What kind of user are you?