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One of Google Chrome's best features is the start page / new tab. While on other browsers that usually a blank page, on Google Chrome it includes a list of most visited websites, search, most recent bookmarks, etc.

google chrome start page

While Mozilla is working on this and plans to release it in Firefox 3.1 (3.5 from now on), it is not yet available, but they released about:tab add-on (xpi) that brings Chrome like features the the Firefox start page.

about:tab firefox addon

About:Tab shows a list of "frequently visited sites" and the "most recently closed tab" but you don’t see image thumbnails in the default view - you can however click the "star" icon and see Website screenshots on the start page just like Chrome or Opera.

Google Chrome's most visited sites is read-only, but with this addon you can move or remove websites from it. The about:tab extension currently works only with Firefox 3.1 and the functionality could be a part of Firefox 3.5. You can check for some more start-page designs as suggested by the Mozilla community.
If any of your "most frequently visited" website has an RSS feed, Firefox will automatically display the latest news items from that feed when you open a new tab in Firefox 3.1 / 3.5. You can also customize the number of stories that are displayed per feed and Firefox will remember the settings across all browser sessions.

[credits: labnol.org]