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This March, a hack contest called PWN2OWN, which reached it's 10th edition, will decide which one is the best: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Safari or Opera. In the past editions, the 'white hackers' had the fully patched Linux distributions, Windows and MacOS X in the arena. But this year, there are going to be two editions: a web browsers war and a second Mobile one, in which Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and RIM will battle for supremacy.

According to the organizers, Windows 7 will be used for the browser PWN2OWN hacking contest.
The official announcement says:

There will be 2 Pwn2Own competitions this year: a) Browsers (IE8, FireFox, Safari, Opera), b) Mobile (Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, RIM). One of the prizes for the Browser competition will be a Sony VAIO P (now successfully running Windows 7). It will also be the platform for tests.

In the 2008 edition, MacBook Air was hacked in just 2 minutes while Windows Vista SP1 lasted until the second day of the competition. Ubuntu 7.10 couldn't be hacked. You can read all about the 2008 PWN to OWN competition, here.