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In case you don't have Greasemonkey already installed, you're losing a lot of customization options; get it from here.

10 Greasemonkey scripts for best browsing experience and which are also my top 10:

# Gmail FavIcon Alerts
Alerts you to the status of your Gmail Inbox through distinct FavIcons.

# YouTube lyrics
Adds a lyrics box to the YouTube sidebar under the video informations box. It can search in eleven different lyrics sites and it shows also all the results in a drop down.

# YouScrobble
Scrobbles the currently watching youtube video to last.fm

# Google Account Multi-Login
google multilogin
Replaces "Sign Out" link on Google pages with a select box of accounts.

# Autocomplete Always On
Allows Firefox to save passwords for sites that turn off autocomplete, even on forms that are inside frames or iframes.

# Google Reader Prefetch
greader prefetch
google reader prefetch
This script will improve the speed experience. It boosts the number of articles that prefetched on the Google Reader's expanded view.

# Google Reader Favicon ++
google reader favicons
Adds favicons to feeds and entries in Google Reader.

# Download YouTube videos as MP4
download youtube mp4
Adds an option to download YouTube videos as MP4 files. Unlike most other scripts, this one downloads the videos directly from YouTube and doesn't connect to any other site.

# Twitter and FriendFeed Short URL Expander
twitter url expander
Expands snipr, tinyurl.com, is.gd, zz.gd and bit.ly urls on Twitter and FriendFeed to show you where they're pointing.

# Ad-less Gmail
Removes Gmail ads. In source code, has option to get rid of all the stuff at the bottom (size used, ip addresses, links, bla bla): just change the value to "true".

Bonus: 3 Stylish scripts (All for Gmail and Google Reader):

# *New* Google Reader Tweaks
google reader blue
Makes Google Reader blue again

# Gmail small attachment icons
gmail attachment
Different Gmail attachment icons so you'll know what file type that attachment is.

# Google Reader - larger and serif plus wider

google reader larger
I have several feeds that are just pages of plain text--not very easy reading with Reader's default font. To make these feeds easier to read, this little style just makes the font a little larger, changes it to the Georgia serif font, and adds a slightly off-white background. The width of the space also increases to not quite 100%--making a line too long also makes it somewhat harder to read. (I'm still playing with the width. 80% is really the best "reading width" [given my window size] but it looks a little strange with the background drop-off there. Replace the floating value with 'none' if you want the whole space... which most of you probably know already.