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Samsung Electronics announced the release of two mobile phones: Samsung BEAT DJ and Samsung BEAT DISC.

The producer of these mobile phones announced that both handsets included in the BEAT edition will have the latest audio and touch screen technology in a unique design, inspired by the famous jukebox.

The Samsung Beat DJ

The Samsung Beat DJ is the all-touch model of the new pair of music phones. The BeatDJ will sport a 2.8-inch, AMOLED touchscreen, running at a WQVGA widescreen resolution of 240 by 400 pixels. The touch phone isn't a speaker-slider like previous Samsung music phones, but is rather a simple touch panel with a unique "Disc UI" for music playback. Apparently the phone uses a combination of touch sensitive hardware and touchscreen to create a virtual wheel for the "Spin Wheel Touch" features. The new phones also use Samsung's new "Beat DJ" software for mixing and sound effects.

The Samsung Beat Disc

The Samsung Beat Disc is very similar to the Beat DJ, but uses a mix of touchscreen and numeric keys for navigation. Only half of the screen on the Samsung Beat Disc is touch friendly. Based on screenshots we've seen, it appears that the bottom half of the screen will become part of the scroll wheel on the Samsung Beat Disc when it's time for music navigation. Otherwise, the phone uses the same "Disc UI" and B&O ICEpower speaker technology as the Samsung Beat DJ.

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