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Quake III will be re-released by id Software on Tuesday under the name Quake Live and it will run on browsers (you will have to install a plug-in).

Quake Live will be free of charge because it will be supported by advertisement.

The original Quake game was launched back in 1999 and a lot of the foundations of the mechanics of modern shooters were established by it. Of course, this is not the first browser version of a game that was once synonymous with physical formats, but Quake is the most high-profile game to come out with a browser version.

"All kinds of people could now be exposed to games for the first time. [...] The Massively Multiplayer Online space is certainly the area most likely to move to browser. Some well-known role playing game franchises could also move to the browser and are probably already in development."

says Michael French, Develop Magazine.

Quake Live.

Credits: bbc.co.uk