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I took a break from playing Quake Live and write a short review. In case you don't know, Quake Live is the new Quake, for web browsers.

So far, all i can say is that i'm impressed. I don't play a lot of games but still, this is fantastic and most of the time i forget it's played in a browser. And it works really well even on my work PC: AMD Sempron 2800+ (1.61 GHz), 960 Mb RAM and nVidia Geforce 6100 video.

I really like that you can customize your keys and mouse sensitivity just like an ordinary game and also, you get to choose from a long list of characters, what team you play in, etc. You must play the 10 minute Placement Match in order to gain full access to the site.

So far so good, i'll go and test it some more. Oh, i almost forgot, here are 2 screenshots:
quake live

quake live settings

To play the game, go to http://www.quakelive.com

Later edit: unfortunately, because of the high server demand, a queue system has been introduced so you have to wait quite a bit to be able to play against human players. One more bad thing: it does not work on Linux even though they say you only need a browser to play Quake Live. But that's under development, they say.