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Anti-Aliasing is available and will be activated for OOo 3.1 in all Applications and on all Systems. To understand better, look at these photos (left: before, right: after) (click to enlarge):

Image comparing OOo3.0 and OOo3.1 AntiAliased visualisation
Image showing how chart in OOo3.1 profits from AntiAliasing
Image showing AntiAliasing in OOo 3.1 for 3D
But there is a funny part to this story, if you read the comments, such as:

Congratulations guys, 1997 welcomes you with open arms! I can't wait to see what features you'll tackle next that have been in MS Office for the last decade. Kudos!

"500.000 lines of code were changed/rewritten"

Now I need to sit. Amazing 500.000 lines? I read it over and over again.
Kudos to all the developers!