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windows mobile 7
Microsoft, the world's largest software producer, will launch Windows Mobile 7 next year, even though Windows Mobile 6.5 was launched just two weeks ago at Mobile World Congress.

"People ask me, will you build your own phone? [It's] not our strategy to build our own phone," said Steve Ballmer, Microsoft SEO. "It's our strategy to sell software that we can use and support across a wide range of device manufacturers to encourage choice, choice in devices, choice in the operators. We have a positive price on our software. Google does not. I don't know how it is a sustainable thing to not have a positive price. And don't tell me you think it's search, because even when they win the Android business, they have to pay to have their search installed on that phone, just as we do, that's a competitive bid that the operators mandate. So we're going with a real price, with real investment, with a professional approach, and a positive price on software-based model."

He estimatest that even though the phone market as a whole will drop, the smart phones will grow to 100 million to 200 million units per year.

This year, the estimated sales of mobile terminals will reach 1.08 billion units, dropping from 1.18 billion units sold in 2008.

Credits: Pcmag.com