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Ubuntu Multi-Monitor Tweaks (Full Screen Flash Fixes, Span Wallpaper Across Monitors, More)

If you are using a multi-monitor setup in Ubuntu, here are a few tips which should help you fix some annoyances, like:
  • get full screen flash videos to be displayed on any monitor
  • get flash videos to remain full screen while working in the other desktop
  • a tweak to move windows to a different display using keyboard shortcuts
  • how to extend the wallpaper across monitors or use a different wallpaper for each monitor

Move A Window To A Specific Monitor Using A Keyboard Shortcut [Ubuntu]

multiple monitors ubuntu

Compiz has can be used to do basically everything using multiple desktops but unfortunately it doesn't includes any option for moving a window to a specific display (monitor) when using multiple monitors.

wayfarer_boy @ ubuntuforums.org has come up with a way to move a window to a specific display using xdotool and a script he created. Using his tutorial, you will finally be able to move windows between monitors using a keyboard shortcut.

You can find the complete how-to, HERE.